Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective: A Book of Essays

  title={Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective: A Book of Essays},
  author={Nicolas Spulber and Alexander Gershenkron},
  journal={Slavic and East European Journal},

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Technology-specific Production Functions
We rely on mixture models to estimate technology-specific production functions avoiding any type of ex-ante assumption on the degree of technological sharing across firms and leaving the number of
International technology spillovers and manufacturing performance in Indonesia
• A submitted manuscript is the author's version of the article upon submission and before peer-review. There can be important differences between the submitted version and the official published
Technological change and technology strategy
This paper reviews both theoretical and empirical studies of technological change in developing countries. It assesses the contribution that these studies have made to technology strategy and offers
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Este artículo estudia la relación entre la estructura financiera y el crecimiento económico de México durante el periodo 1980-2014. La literatura identifica dos tipos de estructura financiera:
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: This paper incorporates endogenous migration into a second-generation Schumpeterian growth model to study how migration, innovation and growth interact one another. I (cid:133)nd that migration
Considerações acerca do tema “desenvolvimento”: Reflexão crítica socio-histórica e geopolítica
O tema “desenvolvimento” e objeto de analise, as principais discussoes correlativas sendo colocadas em contexto socio-historico. As dimensoes economicas sao articuladas com os aspetos politicos e
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The essence of the experience of East Asia has been on technological capability building and dynamic industrial transitions from one stage to the next. While many studies for understanding the
Developmentalism, dependency, and the state : industrial policy and structural transformation in Namibia since 1900
Full scholarship from the Cambridge Political Economy Society Trust. Additional fieldwork funding from Smuts Memorial Fund and the Department of Politics and International Studies (Cambridge).
Territory, enclosure, and state territorial mode of production in the Russian imperial periphery
Abstract. After the imperial land consolidation acts of 1906, the Russian land commune became a center of territorial struggle where complex alliances of actors, strategies, and representations of
Deposit Volatility, Liquidity and Long-Term Investment: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Pakistan
Deposit volatility and costly bank liquidity increase the long-term lending rates offered by banks, which reduce loan maturities, long-term investment and output. We formalise this mechanism in a


The Significance of the Slave Plantation for Southern Economic Development
responsible for the economic woes of the Old South. The revisionist doubts rest on two propositions of dubious relevance. The first is that slave labor could have been applied successfully to
The Economic Growth of Tsarist Russia 1860-1913
  • R. Goldsmith
  • Economics, History
    Economic Development and Cultural Change
  • 1961
1. At the time of the agricultural reform Russia was a predominantly agricultural country with only the barest beginnings of industry and still almost without either railroads, a banking system, or
Principles of Political Economy: With Some of Their Applications to Social Philosophy
Stephen Nathanson's clear-sighted abridgment of Principles of Political Economy , Mill's first major work in moral and political philosophy, provides a challenging, sometimes surprising account of
The Industrial Revolution
I AM curious to learn the grounds upon which Miss Buer (See NATURE, Mar. 12, p. 379) bases her belief that the rise of population in England after 1750 was due to the introduction of the practice of
Fiction, Famine, and the Rise of Economics in Victorian Britain and Ireland Author(s): Bigelow, Gordon Reviewer(s): Peart