Economic Analysis of the All-Volunteer Force

  title={Economic Analysis of the All-Volunteer Force},
  author={Robert Mcnown and Bernard Udis and Colin Ash},
  journal={Armed Forces \& Society},
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Costs and Benefits: Economic Perspective of High Quality Youth

Based on the literature review, the cost and benefit analysis had been conducted on the high quality youth from an economic perspective. Opportunity costs include the monetary benefits, non-monetary

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War Deaths and the Military Labor Supply: Evidence from Iraq and Afghanistan

The findings provide strong evidence that recruits are over-emphasizing local information and have war-specific tastes and preferences that makes enlistment decisions more complicated than a full-information utility-maximization model of risk and monetary compensation would predict.


Propensity score methods, whose foundation is the design-based approach of the Rubin Causal Model, prevail today in the causal inference field for observational studies. The methods are largely

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Abstract : The past year has been one of unprecedented change for the U.S. military organization. It would be of interest to analyze the impact of the changing situation on U.S. military labor

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Since the advent of the All Volunteer Force (AVF) in 1973, military manpower research has focused on the determinants of the supply of military labor, especially on the impact of various forms of

A Note On Congressional Military Pay Setting

To maintain an all-volunteer force, military pay levels must be high enough to attract a sufficient quantity and quality of volunteers. Congress's commitment to maintaining such pay levels has been