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Econometric Forecasts Package : Short-Run Forecasting Models for the Current Analysis of the Canadian Economy ¤

  title={Econometric Forecasts Package : Short-Run Forecasting Models for the Current Analysis of the Canadian Economy ¤},
  author={Fr{\'e}d{\'e}rick Demers and Philippe Marcil},
To improve the monitoring of the Canadian economy, a new forecasts package is introduced: the Econometric Forecasts Package (EFP). The EFP makes use of di¤erent indicator models or reduced-form speci...cations that were originally developed by the sta¤ at the Bank of Canada. This document provides a comprehensive view of the models currently available for near-term forecasting of various economic indicators such as GDP and in‡ation. It also provides the Bank’s sta¤ with a new forecasting… Expand
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