Econometric Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on the Sustainability of Agricultural Production in Ukraine

  title={Econometric Analysis of the Impact of Climate Change on the Sustainability of Agricultural Production in Ukraine},
  author={Andriy Skrypnyk and Oleksandr V. Zhemoyda and Nataliia Klymenko and Liudmyla Galaieva and T. P. Koval},
  journal={Journal of Ecological Engineering},
The aim of this paper was to determine the mechanisms of climate change impact on the yield of the main exportoriented crops in the agro-climatic zones of Ukraine. The study of the problem of changing the acreage of the main export-oriented crops was conducted according to the data of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine on the time horizon 2000-2018 in the following order: first, the dynamics of the change of the acreage under corn, sunflower and wheat by the agro-climatic zones of Ukraine… 

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