Ecomorphology of plesiosaur flipper geometry

  title={Ecomorphology of plesiosaur flipper geometry},
  author={F. O'Keefe},
  journal={Journal of Evolutionary Biology},
  • F. O'Keefe
  • Published 2001
  • Biology
  • Journal of Evolutionary Biology
  • The Plesiosauria is an extinct group of marine reptiles once common in mesozoic seas. Previous work on plesiosaur hunting styles has suggested that short‐necked, large‐headed animals were pursuit predators, whereas long‐necked, small‐headed animals were ambush predators. This study presents new data on the aspect ratios (ARs) of plesiosaur flippers, and interprets these data via comparison with AR in birds, bats and aircraft. Performance trade‐offs implicit in AR variation are well‐understood… CONTINUE READING
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