Ecology of Marine Bivalves: An Ecosystem Approach, Second Edition

  title={Ecology of Marine Bivalves: An Ecosystem Approach, Second Edition},
  author={Richard F. Dame},
  • R. Dame
  • Published 3 November 2011
  • Environmental Science
The current and future risk of harmful algal blooms in the North Sea
The need to feed the world’s ever growing population has led to significant advances in agricultural practices, including the development and use of fertilizers across the globe. Some of these
The influence of changing salinity and other seasonal factors on farmed oysters
The changing coastal and estuary environment Marine bivalve molluscs populate shallow coastal waters and estuaries, where phytoplankton for feeding is most abundant (Dame 2012). In coastal waters
Ontwikkeling van enkele droogvallende mosselbanken in de Nederlandse Waddenzee, situatie 2018
Wageningen Marine Research is studying the long-term development of a number of individual intertidal mussel beds in the Dutch Wadden Sea to identify the characteristics that determine the survival
Chromosome‐level genome assembly of the razor clam Sinonovacula constricta (Lamarck, 1818)
The genomic resources generated in this work not only provide a valuable reference genome for investigating the molecular mechanisms of S. constricta biological functions and evolutionary adaptation, but also facilitate its genetic improvement and disease treatment.
Identifying and counting zooplanktons and crustaceans in water of Karun River, Ahvaz city, Iran
Karun River has an important role in the lives of citizens in Ahvaz, especially those in the agricultural sector. Unfortunately, lack of any water management plans and the rather less attention paid
Spatially Explicit Estimates of In Situ Filtration by Native Oysters to Augment Ecosystem Services during Restoration
US west coast populations of the native Olympia oyster Ostrea lurida declined precipitously in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and were often replaced by the non-native Pacific
Ontwikkeling van enkele droogvallende mosselbanken in de Nederlandse Waddenzee: situatie 2017
Wageningen Marine Research bestudeert de ontwikkeling op de lange termijn van een aantal individuele droogvallende mosselbanken in de Nederlandse Waddenzee met speciale aandacht voor de eigenschappen
Transcriptome assembly of Modiolus modiolus and comparative analysis with Bathymodiolus platifrons
Overall, this study first provides the transcriptomic database for M. modiolus, and provides an important foundation for future studies on these two species, and illustrates the genome evolution between M.modiolus and B. platifrons.