[Ecology as a center of interest].


The authors discuss the role of community health nursing in environmental health by means of a review of current literature about this topic, setting up the most adequate search method. As a result of this review, the authors found these articles to be the most interesting: MEDLINE: 30 precision rate (TP): 31%; CINALH: 17, TP 31%; CSIC ICYT. 4, TP 22%; DISSERTATION ABSTRACTS: 2, TP 13%. The most effective search strategy was "community health nursing and environmental health". The need to analyze the role of nursing in environmental health does not appear in articles until 1990. Conceptual analysis of this topic has already occurred; its practical application is the present challenge. The preliminary results of this research project were presented at the VIII Congress of the Spanish Association of Public Health and Sanitary Administration.

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