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Ecology and diversity of anaerobic alkali-thermophiles

  title={Ecology and diversity of anaerobic alkali-thermophiles},
  author={J. Wiegel},
  • J. Wiegel
  • Published 1999
  • Biology
  • We have recently isolated several genera and species able to grow under two extreme conditions: alkaline pH (above pH 9.0) and elevated temperatures (above 55 o C). They all belong phylogenetically to the Gram-type positive bacillus-clostridia subphylum. All of the isolated alkalithermophiles are characterized by relatively short doubling times with as short as 10 min exhibited by Thermobrachium celere growing optimally at 66 o C and pH 66C 8.5. Clostridium paradoxum (spore forming) and C… CONTINUE READING
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    Anaerobic alkalithermophiles, a novel group of extremophiles
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    Clostridium thermoalcaliphilum sp. nov., an anaerobic and thermotolerant facultative alkaliphile.
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    Thermobrachium celere gen. nov., sp. nov., a rapidly growing thermophilic, alkalitolerant, and proteolytic obligate anaerobe.
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