Ecological studies on reovirus pollution of rivers in Toyama Prefecture.

  title={Ecological studies on reovirus pollution of rivers in Toyama Prefecture.},
  author={Kumiko Matsuura and Mitsuhiro Ishikura and Tetsuo Nakayama and Sumiyo Hasegawa and Osamu Morita and Hiromichi Uetake},
  journal={Microbiology and immunology},
  volume={32 12},
Reoviruses (reos) were isolated from river water in various areas of Toyama Prefecture. The frequency of reo isolation was higher in the river water, the basin of which has a larger human population. The degree of river contamination with reo paralleled that with the Escherichia coli group of organisms, and reos were frequently isolated from sewage, too. The high antibody-positive (greater than or equal to 1:8 or greater than or equal to 1:10) rates against reos in humans and other animals… CONTINUE READING