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Ecological notes on the Annulated Treeboa (Corallus annulatus) from a Costa Rican Lowland Tropical Wet Forest

  title={Ecological notes on the Annulated Treeboa (Corallus annulatus) from a Costa Rican Lowland Tropical Wet Forest},
  author={Todd R. Lewis and Paul Brian Charles Grant and Robert W. Henderson and Alex Figueroa and Mike Dunn},
  journal={arXiv: Quantitative Methods},
The Annulated Treeboa (Corallus annulatus) is one of nine currently recognized species in the boid genus Corallus. Its disjunct range extends from eastern Guatemala into northern Honduras, southeastern Nicaragua, northeastern Costa Rica, and southwestern Panama to northern Colombia west of the Andes. It is the only species of Corallus found on the Caribbean versant of Costa Rica, where it occurs at elevations to at least 650m and perhaps as high as 1,000m. Corallus annulatus occurs mostly in… 

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