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Ecological dynamics on old extensive green roofs : vegetation and substrates > twenty years since installation

  title={Ecological dynamics on old extensive green roofs : vegetation and substrates > twenty years since installation},
  author={Christine E. Thuring},
Is there more than meets the eye? Seed bank analysis of a typical novel ecosystem, the extensive green roof
It is argued that seed banks can function as biodiversity reservoirs, which can be considered in EGR vegetation restoration if a set of several conditions is fulfilled and provides multiple insights in processes impacting EGR plant species diversity, both on and in the soil. Expand
An evaluation framework for developing green infrastructure by using a new hybrid multiple attribute decision-making model for promoting environmental sustainability
This MADM model is beneficial to provide a more convincing assessment framework and improvement strategies for the development of GI for promoting environmental sustainability and can be shown more conveniently and reasonably than traditional methods such as traditional AHP or ANP method. Expand
Development of context specific sustainability criteria for selection of plant species for green urban infrastructure: The case of Singapore
Abstract Sustainable urban development at the global level results from sustainable actions undertaken at city, neighbourhood and household levels with the right balance of environmental, economicExpand


Guidelines for the planning, construction and maintenance of green roofing: green roofing guideline
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The History of Urban Ecology An Ecologist ’ s Perspective
If Cities are to be saved from the consequences of climate change and provide healthy human habitats for their growing, yet increasingly vulnerable populations, then natural science, government, andExpand
Green roofs and facades, Bracknell, UK, IHS BRE Press
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Die Dachbegrünung im Wandel der Zeit
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Vegetation und vegetations-entwicklung auf kiesdächern
1. On gravel-covered roofs, 1 to 94 years old, in Göttingen (Germany) the following plant communities are distinguishable: Weed comm. = Panico-Galinsogetum Tread comm. = Lolio-PlantaginetumExpand
Extensive Dachbegrünungen und Naturschutz
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Dachbegrünung : Pflanzen- und Vegetationsanwendung an Bauwerken
Pflanzengemeinschaften natürlich besiedelter Kiesdächer und extensiver Dachbegrünungen
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Long-Term Ecological Research
Research in ecology has traditionally been funded for short periods of time and performed at single sites, conditions not conducive to projects addressing much greater time and geographic scales.Expand