Ecological divergence of closely related Diplostomum (Trematoda) parasites.

  title={Ecological divergence of closely related Diplostomum (Trematoda) parasites.},
  author={Anssi Karvonen and Perttu M Terho and Otto Sepp{\"a}l{\"a} and Jukka Jokela and E. Tellervo Valtonen},
  volume={133 Pt 2},
Parasite life-cycles present intriguing model systems to study divergence in resource use and ecology between parasite taxa. In ecologically similar taxa, consistent selective forces may lead to convergence of life-history traits, but resource overlap and similarity of life-cycles may also promote divergence between the taxa in (1) use of host species or (2) specific niche within a host. We studied the life-history characteristics of 2 sympatric species of Diplostomum parasites, D. spathaceum… CONTINUE READING

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