Ecological constraints drive social evolution in the African mole-rats.

  title={Ecological constraints drive social evolution in the African mole-rats.},
  author={C G Faulkes and Nigel C Bennett and Michael W Bruford and Helen P. O'Brien and Guadalupe Aguilar and Jennifer U. M. Jarvis},
  journal={Proceedings. Biological sciences},
  volume={264 1388},
The African mole-rats (family Bathyergidae) are subterranean hystricomorph rodents occurring in a variety of habitats and displaying levels of sociality which range from solitary to eusocial, making them a unique mammalian taxonomic group to test ecological influences on sociality. Here, we use an extensive DNA-based phylogeny and comparative analysis to investigate the relationship between ecology, sociality and evolution within the family. Mitochondrial cytochrome-b and 12s rRNA trees reveal… CONTINUE READING
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