Ecological Segregation of Bustards (Otididae) in the North of the Lower Volga Region: Evolutionary and Adaptive Aspects

  title={Ecological Segregation of Bustards (Otididae) in the North of the Lower Volga Region: Evolutionary and Adaptive Aspects},
  author={G. V. Shlyakhtin and V. G. Tabachishin and A. V. Khrustov and E. V. Zav'yalov},
  journal={Russian Journal of Ecology},
Based on the concept of an ecological niche, the processes of segregation in the Lower Volga populations of great and little bustards (Otis tarda L. and Tetrax tetrax L). have been studied in the evolutionary and adaptive aspects. The results have shown that segregation of the ecological niches of the two species occurs mainly on a trophic basis, when bird specialization in the use of food resources provides the possibility of changing the nesting biotopes. Some trophic adaptations are… CONTINUE READING
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