Ecological Models

  title={Ecological Models},
  author={Jay Odenbaugh},


Abstract. Recent studies suggest that spatial heterogeneity plays an important role in the within-host infection of viruses such as HBV, HCV, and HIV. In this paper we propose a spatial model of


Abstract. Recent studies suggest that spatial heterogeneity plays an important role in the 4 within-host infection of viruses such as HBV, HCV, and HIV. In this paper we propose a spatial 5 model of

The Adaptation of a Perceived Walkability Questionnaire for Adults Living in Northern Climates

Walking is the most popular physical activity reported by adults, and the benefits of walking are well documented in the literature (Fox & Hillsdon, 2007). Walkability refers to the friendliness of

Patterns of school environment that matter for physical activity engagement among Brazilian adolescents

To identify patterns of school environment and association with physical activity (PA) in different domains Cross-sectional data from the National School Health Survey (2015) was used, and students

The epistemic benefits of generalisation in modelling II: expressive power and abstraction

This paper contributes to the philosophical accounts of generalisation in formal modelling by introducing a conceptual framework that allows for recognising generalisations that are epistemically

Movement and Physical Activity in Early Childhood Education and Care Policies of Five Nordic Countries

MoPA, which is important for children’s development, health, and well-being, is a low-priority value, to varying degrees, in the ECEC policies enacted by Nordic countries and the guidance provided to educators and stakeholders therein is inexplicit.

Insights Into Physical Activity Adoption in Diabetes Patients: When Cultural Materialism Met the Transtheoretical Model

This interpretation simplifies in two processes the change of behaviour related to PA, and defines the barriers’ relationship between the different levels and the influence that each level has in patients’ real-life.

Effects of Three Levels of Green Exercise, Physical and Social Environments, Personality Traits, Physical Activity, and Engagement with Nature on Emotions and Attention

The current study examined the effects of the three levels of green exercise on people’s psychological health using a randomized trial with a pretest and posttest design and further explored which

Asymptotic Behavior of the Basic Reproduction Ratio for Periodic Reaction-Diffusion Systems

This paper is devoted to the study of asymptotic behavior of the basic reproduction ratio for periodic reaction-diffusion systems in the case of small and large diffusion coefficients. We first

Dietary Habits and Nutritional Status of Undergraduate Students of Winneba Campus of University of Education, Winneba, Ghana

This work reports that the world has witnessed an upsurge of ‘obesity epidemic’ and that currently, the prevalence of obesity, especially among women, is high.



True Enough

Explaining Science*

  • K. Korb
  • Education
    The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science
  • 1991
Following the revolutionary book by Thomas Kuhn [1962], philosophical accounts of the development of science have attended more or less closely to actual episodes of scientific inquiry. Lakatos and

Robustness Analysis

Modelers often rely on robustness analysis, the search for predictions common to several independent models. Robustness analysis has been characterized and championed by Richard Levins and William

Modeling, Truth, and Philosophy

Knowledge requires truth, and truth, we suppose, involves unflawed representation. Science does not provide knowledge in this sense but rather provides models, representations that are limited in

A Semantic View of Ecological Theories

Philosophical analysis of ecological theories has lagged behind the study of evolutionary theory. The semantic conception of scientific theories, which has been employed successfully in the analysis

The strategy of “The strategy of model building in population biology”

This essay argues that Richard Levins’ classic “The Strategy of Model Building in Population Biology” was a statement and defense of theoretical population biology growing out of collaborations between Robert MacArthur, Richard Lewontin, E. O. Wilson, and others and that the essay served as a response to the rise of systems ecology.

On the Nature and Norms of Theoretical Commitment

It is not uncommon for philosophers to maintain that one is obliged to believe nothing beyond the observable consequences of a successful scientific theory. This doctrine is variously known as