Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting

  title={Ecological Consequences of Artificial Night Lighting},
  author={Lisa Scheling},
Burger has organized her book into several sections with one or more chapters per section. The book begins with a two-chapter introduction where the author describes some of the organisms and processes that characterize pine barrens by presenting stories of her work and other connections with the barrens. She provides the geographic setting of the book (primarily the Atlantic Coastal Plain), with a primary emphasis on pine barrens in New York and New Jersey and with a lesser focus in South… 
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The Forest of Unintended Consequences: Anthropogenic Actions Trigger the Rise and Fall of Black Cherry

The twentieth century confluence of clear-cutting, deer overabundance, and rising nitrogen deposition favored dominance by the shade-intolerant, unpalatable, and nitrogen-demanding black cherry