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Ecological Characteristics and Environmentally Friendly Control Strategies of Pochazia shantungensis (Hemiptera: Ricaniidae) in Korea

  title={Ecological Characteristics and Environmentally Friendly Control Strategies of Pochazia shantungensis (Hemiptera: Ricaniidae) in Korea},
  author={Shin-Hyuk Jo and Tae-Hee Ryu and Hye-Ri Kwon and Mi Ja Seo and Yong-man Yu and Chisa Yasunaga–Aoki and Young Nam Youn},
  journal={Journal of The Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University},
  • S. Jo, Tae-Hee Ryu, Y. Youn
  • Published 1 September 2016
  • Biology
  • Journal of The Faculty of Agriculture Kyushu University
Discussion on the Design and Performance of the Whole Packaging Box of Environmentally Friendly Packaging Materials
  • Mengwei Xie
  • Engineering
    Advances in Materials Science and Engineering
  • 2021
More and more designers and companies in the packaging industry begin to pay attention to research on environmentally friendly packaging design. From studying the additional functions of packaging to
Commodity risk assessment of Robinia pseudoacacia plants from Turkey
This Scientific Opinion covers plant health risks posed by bare rooted and potted plants of Robinia pseudoacacia that are imported from Turkey, taking into account the available scientific information, including the technical information provided by the Turkish NPPO.


Occurrence Ecology of Ricania sp. (Hemiptera: Ricaniidae) and Selection of Environmental Friendly Agricultural Materials for Control
Sophora and natural plant extracts were effective environmentally friendly agricultural materials used to control the nymph and adult Ricania sp.
Oviposition Characteristics of Ricania sp.(Homoptera: Ricaniidae), a New Fruit Pest
An unknown planthopper was discovered in 2010 in an apple orchard in Sinpoong-myun, Gongju-si and in a blueberry orchard near Yesan-gun and it was identified as Ricania sp.
Selection in the Wild
Roles of frequency-dependent selection (FDS) in coadaptation and coevolutionary change are outlined and it is found rock-paper-scissors dynamics are common in nature.
Report on Zorka sp. (Homoptera: Typhlocybinae) as a Pest of Persimmon (Diosprosi kaki) in Korea
A leafhopper was collected from a persimmon orchard in Sangju, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea on 15 June, 2008, and was tentatively identified as Zorka sp.
Evaluation of toxicity of plant extract made by neem and matrine against main pests and natural enemies.
Repellent effect was weak against plant hopper, but strong against two-spotted spider mite, suggesting that KNI3126 could suppress the population of pest hard to control as eco-friendly material.
Selection of wild hosts for feeding by passion vine hopper Scolypopa australis (Walker) (Hemiptera Ricaniidae) in the Bay of Plenty
Passion vine hopper, Scolypopa australis (Walker) (Hemiptera: Ricaniidae), a pest of kiwifruit, occurs on a wide range of native and introduced plants that are probably not equally preferred as
Properties and potential of natural pesticides from the neem tree, Azadirachta indica.
Les substances derivees du «neem», efficaces contre les insectes sont examines (influence sur le comportement de fixation, la ponte, la prise de nourriture, la metamorphose, la fecondite, la fitners)
Production and application of phytochemicals from an agricultural perspective
  • In “Phytochemistry and Agriculture”,
  • 1993