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In 1756, the vicar of Selbourne planted four lime trees between his house and the butcher‟s yard opposite, ` “to hide the sight of blood and filth” „ (White cit. Thomas 1983, 299). Gilbert White was a great naturalist and went on to write The Natural History of Selbourne (1789), a text much prized by ecocritics as environmental literature. White‟s arboreal screening out of the slaughter-house is, in a sense, equally significant, for it exemplifies one of the key developments Keith Thomas charts… 

The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis

A conversation with Aldous Huxley not infrequently put one at the receiving end of an unforgettable monologue on a favorite topic: Man's unnatural treatment of nature and its sad results.

Imagining the Earth: Poetry and the Vision of Nature

A landmark work in the burgeoning field of literary ecology, "Imagining the Earth" explores the ways in which our attitudes toward nature are mirrored in and influenced by poetry. In the work of some

Feminism and Ecology

There have been many new developments in the area of Catholic theology in recent decades. Perhaps one of the most notable has been an increasing interest in adopting a “green agenda” and attending to

“Home at Grasmere”: Ecological Holiness

  • K. Kroeber
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    PMLA/Publications of the Modern Language Association of America
  • 1974
Wordsworth's “Home at Grasmere,” the one completed book of The Recluse, expresses a conception of home as a territorial sanctuary. The holiness of Grasmere Vale as a dwelling place consists in the

The ecocriticism reader : landmarks in literary ecology

"The Ecocriticism Reader" is the first collection of its kind, an anthology of classic and cutting-edge writings in the rapidly emerging field of literary ecology. Exploring the relationship between

The Land Ethic

The Darwinian roots of the land ethic or all the environmental ethics so far devised. the land ethic. first sketched by Aldo Leopold (I HR 7-194R), is most popular among professional conservationists

The Song of the Earth

Abstract This article discusses the creativity and originality that can be generated by both interlingual and intersemiotic translations. The text of Gustav Mahler’s song symphony Das Lied von der

Lifting Our Eyes from the Page

For the past thirty years or so we have witnessed the greatest periodat least for France-in the history of thinking about literature; I want first of all to stress this point, adding, however, that

Forum on Literatures of the Environment

A NUMBER OF converging imperatives have prompted widespread professional attention to environmental readings in the humanities recently, generating ideas that can only promise increasingly focused

Ecstatic Naturalism: Signs of the World

FOREWORD: NATURA NATURANS AND NATURA NATURATA John Deely Preface Introduction: Semiotics and Metaphysics 1. Ecstatic Naturalism The Four Naturalisms The Chora, Death, and Transfiguration Beyond