Eco-driving for Electric Connected Vehicles at Signalized Intersections: A Parameterized Reinforcement Learning approach

  title={Eco-driving for Electric Connected Vehicles at Signalized Intersections: A Parameterized Reinforcement Learning approach},
  author={Xia Jiang and Jian Zhang and Dan Li},
This paper proposes an eco-driving framework for electric connected vehicles (CVs) based on reinforcement learning (RL) to improve vehicle energy efficiency at signalized intersections. The vehicle agent is specified by integrating the model-based car-following policy, lane-changing policy, and the RL policy, to ensure safe operation of a CV. Subsequently, a Markov Decision Process (MDP) is formulated, which enables the vehicle to perform longitudinal control and lateral decisions, jointly… 



Parametrized Deep Q-Networks Learning: Reinforcement Learning with Discrete-Continuous Hybrid Action Space

This paper proposes a parametrized deep Q-network (P- DQN) framework for the hybrid action space without approximation or relaxation, and combines the spirits of both D QN and DDPG by seamlessly integrating them.

A platoon based cooperative eco-driving model for mixed automated and human-driven vehicles at a signalised intersection

Application and Evaluation of the Reinforcement Learning Approach to Eco-Driving at Intersections under Infrastructure-to-Vehicle Communications

Simulation results showed that the eco-driving behavior obtained by RL can not only reduce emissions but also optimize traffic performance.

Navigating Electric Vehicles Along a Signalized Corridor via Reinforcement Learning: Toward Adaptive Eco-Driving Control

One problem associated with the operation of electric vehicles (EVs) is the limited battery, which cannot guarantee their endurance. The increasing electricity consumption will also impose a burden

A Multiobjective Cooperative Driving Framework Based on Evolutionary Algorithm and Multitask Learning

A comprehensive cooperative intelligent driving framework is put forward to study the problem, which can be used in both on-ramp and intersection scenarios, and results show that the proposed framework can get satisfying performance with low time and energy consumption.

Hybrid Reinforcement Learning-Based Eco-Driving Strategy for Connected and Automated Vehicles at Signalized Intersections

A hybrid reinforcement learning (HRL) framework which combines the rule-based strategy and the deep reinforcement learn (deep RL) to support connected eco-driving at signalized intersections in mixed traffic is proposed.

Adaptive signal control for bus service reliability with connected vehicle technology via reinforcement learning

Enhanced Eco-Approach Control of Connected Electric Vehicles at Signalized Intersection With Queue Discharge Prediction

An enhanced eco-approach control (EEAC) strategy with consideration of the queue ahead for connected electric vehicles (EVs) at a signalized intersection is proposed, which takes both vehicle and driver dynamics into account.