Ecm29 fulfils quality control functions in proteasome assembly.

  title={Ecm29 fulfils quality control functions in proteasome assembly.},
  author={Andrea Lehmann and Agathe Niewienda and Katharina Jechow and Katharina Janek and Cordula Enenkel},
  journal={Molecular cell},
  volume={38 6},
The proteasome, the central protease of eukaryotic cells, is composed of one core particle (CP) and one or two adjacent regulatory particles (RP), which contain multiple subunits. Several proteasome-dedicated chaperones govern the assembly of CP and RP, respectively. We sought for proteins that regulate final steps of RP-CP assembly in yeast and found Ecm29, a conserved HEAT-like repeat protein. Here, we show that Ecm29 controls the integrity of RP-CP assemblies. Ecm29 recognizes RP-CP species… CONTINUE READING