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Eclectic Method: From Theory to Practice at the Tertiary Level

  title={Eclectic Method: From Theory to Practice at the Tertiary Level},
  author={J Joseph and Dr. John Love Joy},
Article History Published Online: 07 September 2018 Twentieth and twenty-first centuries saw number of research on teaching second language to different learners. It tried to answer different issues, which existed in the classroom and persons who handle it with different theories with its specialisation. Since the specialisation of one theory neglected the other theories in textbook preparation and in the teaching process, it paved way for new theories. Hence, the method proposed in the… 



Eclecticism or Principled Eclecticism

The introduction of a new mandatory policy for the teaching of English at the higher education level in China, College English Curriculum Requirements (CECR, published in 2004), had the intention of

The old an the new: reconsidering eclecticism in language teaching

A method of language teaching is a style of instruction that expresses the professionalcommitment of the teacher in support of an assumption of how language is learned. After theideological excesses

Methodology in Language Teaching: English Language Teaching in the “Post-Method” Era: Toward Better Diagnosis, Treatment, and Assessment

INTRODUCTION In the century spanning the mid-1880s to the mid-1980s, the language teaching profession was involved in what many pedagogical experts would call a search. That search was for a single,

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The paper has taken a critical view of various approaches of language teaching, each of which may has its advantages and disadvantages. By analyzing these approaches and objectives of college English

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To examine the influence of Western perspectives on indigenous language teaching, a two-dimensional framework of approaches to language teaching is presented. A horizontal continuum concerning the


Language learning is qualitatively different from other types of learning, because special qualifications and training are required for the English language teacher. Each of the well–known methods

Response to the Lazarus and Beutler Article “On Technical Eclecticism”

The article titled “On Technical Eclecticism,” by Lazarus and Beutler (Journal of Counseling & Development, March/April 1993), distorted the work of Gilliland, James, and Bowman (1989) by using an

语言教学的问题与可选策略 = Issues and options in language teaching

This study analyzes the main issues in language teaching practice, defines the parameters within which practitioners have to make their choices and identifies controversial areas. It aims to provide

Understanding Language Teaching From Method To Post Method

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