Echocardiographic monitoring of patients with heart failure.


Twenty seven patients diagnosed as having systolic heart failure with Ejection Fraction (EF) of less than 40% by echocardiography were monitored over a period of 3 years. The monitored parameters included clinical symptoms, diastolic dysfunction, therapies and survival during three years of treatment. The results indicate a beneficial effect of treatment… (More)


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@article{MaciDzankovi2007EchocardiographicMO, title={Echocardiographic monitoring of patients with heart failure.}, author={Amra S Maci{\'c}-Dzankovi{\'c} and Fuad F Dzankovi{\'c} and Belma Pojski{\'c} and Amira Skopljak}, journal={Bosnian journal of basic medical sciences}, year={2007}, volume={7 4}, pages={339-44} }