Echo reference standards in ophthalmic ultrasonography.

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Standards in ophthalmic ultrasonography

An equipment check program was developed which provides comparable data which can be applied by trained technicians under hospital conditions and which allowed measurement-based studies on the influence of selected changes of technical parameters on diagnostic criteria in the echograms.

Acoustic parameters of ocular tissues.

Clinical performance measurements on ultrasonic transducers

Clinical performance measurements on single-element transducers for ophthalmic ultrasound systems again stress the necessity to carry out such measurements and suggest that the use of “working frequency” according to IEC recommendations gives a better description of transducer frequency behaviour than the nominal frequency.

Transducer performance parameters and their influence on biometric results

Eleven transducers with working frequencies ranging from 5.1-11.9 MHz and bandwidths from 1.5 to 6.2 MHz were used on 3 commercial ultrasonic instruments with different operational principles to

Überprüfung von Gerät und Schallkopf in Klinik und Praxis

Bei der Differentialdiagnostik intraokularer Erkrankungen (Kap. 2) und bei der Differenzierung raumfordernder Prozesse der Orbita (Kap. 3) wurde anhand von Beispielen auf die Bedeutung

Physikalisch-technische Grundlagen der Ultraschalldiagnostik

Unter Ultraschall versteht man Schallwellen mit Frequenzen (f) jenseits der Horgrenze (d.h. f≳20 kHz). Zu ihrer physikalischen Beschreibung lassen sich Gesetzmasigkeiten verwenden, die auch von

Measurement-based ophthalmic ultrasonography.



Acoustic parameters of ocular tissues.

Performance Measurements and Quantitative Echography

It was demonstrated how serious malfunctions of diagnostic ultrasonic equipment can be detected with the help of simple acoustic and electronic performance measurements, making diagnostic findings easier to be compared and valid in a more general sense.

Solid tissue model for the standardization of the echo-ophthalmograph 7200 MA (KRETZTECHNIK)

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A solid tissue model, which can be used an unlimited number of times, enables the investigator to determine or check the tissue sensitivity of his instrument at any time easily and quickly.

Comparative Measurements on Different Pulse-Echo Systems Using Test Reflectors

Quantitative evaluation of echographic signals has become more and more important in the last years and is now a widely employed tool for differential diagnosis. The implementation of this method,


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[Biophysical and methodical questions in ophthalmological ultrasound diagnosis].

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