Echinococcal disease and mycobacterial infection.

  title={Echinococcal disease and mycobacterial infection.},
  author={Mark E. Ellis and Walter von Sinner and M Asraf Ali and S. M. H. Hussain Qadri},
  journal={Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology},
  volume={85 2},
The clinical and radiological features of five patients with echinococcal disease in whom mycobacterial infection was also present are described. Three had clinically significant disease due to Mycobacterium tuberculosis (two patients) and M. fortuitum-chelonae (one patient), whilst in two others secondary infection with M. gordonae had occurred. In all cases the mycobacterium infection was found within or close to the anatomical confines of the echinococcal disease, as determined clinically… CONTINUE READING