Ecdysteroidostatin from the house fly, Musca domestica.

  title={Ecdysteroidostatin from the house fly, Musca domestica.},
  author={Terrance S Adams and Qian J Li},
  journal={Archives of insect biochemistry and physiology},
  volume={38 4},
Ovaries from house flies maintained on sucrose secrete large amounts of ecdysteroid when they are cultured with ovarian ecdysteroidogenic hormone, OEH. However, ovarian ecdysteroid secretion is reduced by incubation with both OEH and the ovarian ecdysteroidostatin (OES). A partially purified OES fraction from a semi-preparative reverse phase HPLC C18 column caused a 98% inhibition of ovarian ecdysteroid secretion in vitro at a concentration of 0.8 equivalents per microliter. Ovaries can be… CONTINUE READING

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