Ebola-associated genes in the human genome : implications for novel targets

  title={Ebola-associated genes in the human genome : implications for novel targets},
  author={Ramaswamy Narayanan},
Both Ebola and Marburg viruses belong to the Filoviridae family of viruses and cause highly lethal hemorrhagic fevers. Ebola virus contains a single-stranded, non-infectious RNA genome.1 The Ebola virus genome comprises seven genes including 3’-UTR-NP-VP35VP40-GP-VP30-VP24-L-5’-UTR.2,3 There are at least five different species of Ebola virus and the infection has a mortality rate of over 90%, whereas the Marburg virus infection is associated with 20-90% mortality rate.1,2,4,5 Natural outbreaks… CONTINUE READING


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