Ebb and flow of the chloroplast inverted repeat

  title={Ebb and flow of the chloroplast inverted repeat},
  author={Sarah E Goulding and Kenneth H. Wolfe and Richard G. Olmstead and Clifford W. Morden},
  journal={Molecular and General Genetics MGG},
The endpoints of the large inverted repeat (IR) of chloroplast DNA in flowering plants differ by small amounts between species. To quantify the extent of this movement and define a possible mechanism for IR expansion, DNA sequences across the IR—large single-copy (IR-LSC) junctions were compared among 13Nicotiana species and other dicots. In mostNicotiana species the IR terminates just upstream of, or somewhere within, the 5′ portion of therps19 gene. The truncated copy of this gene,rps19… CONTINUE READING