Ebb: A DSL for Physical Simulation on CPUs and GPUs

  title={Ebb: A DSL for Physical Simulation on CPUs and GPUs},
  author={Gilbert Louis Bernstein and Chinmayee Shah and Crystal Lemire and Zach DeVito and Matthew Fisher and Philip Levis and Pat Hanrahan},
  journal={ACM Trans. Graph.},
Designing programming environments for physical simulation is challenging because simulations rely on diverse algorithms and geometric domains. These challenges are compounded when we try to run efficiently on heterogeneous parallel architectures. We present Ebb, a Domain-Specific Language (DSL) for simulation, that runs efficiently on both CPUs and GPUs. Unlike previous DSLs, Ebb uses a three-layer architecture to separate (1) simulation code, (2) definition of data structures for geometric… CONTINUE READING
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