EbAT: An entropy based online Anomaly Tester for data center management

  title={EbAT: An entropy based online Anomaly Tester for data center management},
  author={Chengwei Wang and Karsten Schwan and Matthew Wolf},
  journal={2009 IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management-Workshops},
The online detection of anomalies is a vital task in data centers, potentially incurring high personnel costs. Causes of anomalies range from hardware/software failures, to resource over- or under-provisioning, to application misbehaviors. This paper develops new methods and an associated utility for online anomaly detection, termed EbAT, Entropy based Anomaly Tester, which can efficiently detect anomalies. This is done without the need for operator interaction, analysis intervention, or… CONTINUE READING


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