Eating behavior and nutrition knowledge among musical theatre students.


Eating is a central part in human (social) life. Athletic performance and physical attractiveness are linked to appropriate nutritional behavior, especially for performing artists. Eating behavior and nutrition knowledge have not been examined in musical theatre students so far, which this study aims to analyze. We administered a cross-sectional questionnaire study to 37 musical theatre students. Results for the Eating Disorder Examination-Questionnaire (EDE-Q) showed non-pathological values for 92% of all participants, but 81% of participants answered correctly on only 30-59% of questions on the General Nutrition Knowledge Questionnaire (GNKQ). Our study results reveal the need for specific nutritional knowledge transfer programs for this target group.

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@article{Vitzthum2013EatingBA, title={Eating behavior and nutrition knowledge among musical theatre students.}, author={Karin Vitzthum and Eva Endres and Franziska Koch and David Alexander Groneberg and David Quarcoo and Eileen M Wanke and Stefanie Mache}, journal={Medical problems of performing artists}, year={2013}, volume={28 1}, pages={19-23} }