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Eastern range extension of Leptoglossus occidentalis with a key to Leptoglossus species of America north of Mexico (Heteroptera:Coreidae).

  title={Eastern range extension of Leptoglossus occidentalis with a key to Leptoglossus species of America north of Mexico (Heteroptera:Coreidae).},
  author={J. E. Mcpherson and Richard J. Packauskas and Steven J. Taylor and Mark O'brien},
  journal={Great Lakes Entomologist},
Leptoglossus occidentalis is reported for the first time from Illinois and Michigan, and confirmed for Indiana. A key to the species of Leptoglossus occurring in America north of Mexico is presented. Leptoglossus occidentalis was originally described in 1910 by Otto Heidemann from an adult male and female collected in Placer County, California and Utah (respectively?). He also reported examining additional "species" (specimens?) from California, Colorado, and Vancouver and stated, "the species… Expand

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