Eastern Pacific Emitted Aerosol Cloud Experiment

  title={Eastern Pacific Emitted Aerosol Cloud Experiment},
  author={Lynn M Russell and Armin Sorooshian and John H. Seinfeld and Bruce A. Albrecht and Athanasios Nenes and Lars Ahlm and Yi-Chun Chen and Matthew M Coggon and Jill S Craven and Richard C Flagan and Amanda A. Frossard and Haflidi H. Jonsson and Eunsil Jung and Jack J. Lin and Andrew R Metcalf and Robin L. Modini and J M{\"u}lmenst{\"a}dt and Gregory Charles Roberts and Taylor Shingler and Siwon Song and Zhen Wang and Anna Wonasch{\"u}tz},
Aerosol–cloud–radiation interactions are widely held to be the largest single source of uncertainty in climate model projections of future radiative forcing due to increasing anthropogenic emissions. The underlying causes of this uncertainty among modeled predictions of climate are the gaps in our fundamental understanding of cloud processes. There has been significant progress with both observations and models in addressing these important questions but quantifying them correctly is nontrivial… CONTINUE READING


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