Eastern Europe's Old Memories and New Realities: Resurrecting the Polish-lithuanian Union

  title={Eastern Europe's Old Memories and New Realities: Resurrecting the Polish-lithuanian Union},
  author={Stephen R. Burant and Voytek Zubek},
  journal={East European Politics \& Societies},
  pages={370 - 393}
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L'Etat, c'est pas moi. Reframing citizenship(s) in the Baltic republics
This book speaks to readers with a particular interest in the Baltic states as well as to those with a broader interest in post-communist democratization and citizenship. The notion of citizenship
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Those who hold that national identity amounts to an organic historical tradition are likely to believe that it directly influences policy, while those who consider it recent and constructed are apt
The Revival of Polish National Consciousness: A Comparative Study of Lithuania, Belarus, and Ukraine
While it is true that many nations and nationalities have come to be identified with a particular language group, linguistic homogeneity is by no means a sufficient or necessary marker of a nation or
International relations in a regional context: Poland and its eastern Neighbours—Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine
FROM THE 14TH TO THE MID-20TH CENTURY Poland shared perhaps the most significant aspects of its history with Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Beginning in 1944, the communist regime in Poland
Belarus', Ukraine and The Russian Question: A Comment
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