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Easing the Transition to High School : Effects of a Freshman Academy on Student Success 1

  title={Easing the Transition to High School : Effects of a Freshman Academy on Student Success 1},
  author={Clara G. Muschkin and Kara Bonneau},
This research focuses on the effects of participating in a high school transition program on multiple educational outcomes for individual students. Prior studies present mixed findings on the effectiveness of ninth grade academies for student success, measured primarily in terms of standardized test scores. Our study takes an innovative approach, using an experimental design to examine the effects of the program during the pilot year of a high school’s freshman academy. Other methodological… 


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  • R. Neild
  • Medicine, Psychology
    The Future of children
  • 2009
Evaluations of school organization and instructional improvement are necessary to keep ninth graders on track to graduation, says Ruth Curran Neild, who examines four theories about why ninth grade poses difficulties for some students.
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