Easily Testable Realizations for Generalized Reed-Muller Expressions

  title={Easily Testable Realizations for Generalized Reed-Muller Expressions},
  author={Tsutomu Sasao},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Computers},
This paper presents a design method of easily testable AND-EXOR networks. It is an improvement of Reddy and SalujaReddy’s methods, and has the following features: 1) The network uses generalized Reed-Muller expressions (GRMs) instead of Positive Polarity Reed-Muller expressions (PPRMs). The average number of products for GRMs is less than half of that for PPRMs, and is less than that of sum-of-products expressions (SOPs). 2) The network consists of a literal part, an AND part, an EXOR part, and… CONTINUE READING
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