Earthquakes and Thurston's boundary for the Teichm\

  title={Earthquakes and Thurston's boundary for the Teichm\},
  author={Dragomir {\vS}ari{\'c}},
A measured laminations on the universal hyperbolic solenoid $\S$ is, by our definition, a leafwise measured lamination with appropriate continuity for the transverse variations. An earthquakes on theuniversal hyperbolic solenoid $\S$ is uniquely determined by a measured lamination on $\S$; it is a leafwise earthquake with the leafwise earthquake measure equal to the leafwise measured lamination. Leafwise earthquakes fit together to produce a new hyperbolic metric on $\S$ which is transversely… 

Low-dimensional solenoidal manifolds

In this paper we survey n-dimensional solenoidal manifolds for n = 1, 2 and 3, and present new results about them. Solenoidal manifolds of dimension n are metric spaces locally modeled on the product

Convergence of Teichmüller deformations in the universal Teichmüller space

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Teichmüller theory of the punctured solenoid

The punctured solenoid $${\mathcal H}$$ plays the role of an initial object for the category of punctured surfaces with morphisms given by finite covers branched only over the punctures. The

Teichmüller theory and the universal period mapping via quantum calculus and the H^1/2 space on the circle

The Universal Teichm\"uller Space, $T(1)$, is a universal parameter space for all Riemann surfaces. In earlier work of the first author it was shown that one can canonically associate infinite-

Limit constructions over Riemann surfaces and their parameter spaces, and the commensurability group actions

Abstract. To any compact hyperbolic Riemann surface X, we associate a new type of automorphism group — called its commensurability automorphism group, ComAut(X). The members of ComAut(X) arise from

Geodesic currents and Teichmüller space

Weil-Petersson geometry and determinant bundles on inductive limits of moduli spaces

In an earlier paper [Acta Mathematica, v. 176, 1996, 145-169, alg-geom/9505024 ] the present authors and Dennis Sullivan constructed the universal direct system of the classical Teichmuller spaces of

Real and complex earthquakes

We consider (real) earthquakes and, by their extensions, complex earthquakes of the hyperbolic plane H 2 . We show that an earthquake restricted to the boundary S 1 of H 2 is a quasisymmetric map if

Thurston boundary of Teichmüller spaces and the commensurability modular group

If p : Y → X is an unramified covering map between two compact oriented surfaces of genus at least two, then it is proved that the embedding map, corresponding to p, from the Teichmuller space T (X),

The baseleaf preserving mapping class group of the universal hyperbolic solenoid

Given a closed surface X, the covering solenoid X∞ is by definition the inverse limit of all finite covering surfaces over X. If the genus of X is greater than one, then there is only one

Extremal maps of the universal hyperbolic solenoid

We show that the set of points in the Teichmuller space of the universal hyperbolic solenoid which do not have a Teichmuller extremal representative is generic (that is, its complement is the set of

On the geometry and dynamics of diffeomorphisms of surfaces

This article was widely circulated as a preprint, about 12 years ago. At that time the Bulletin did not accept research announcements, and after a couple of attempts to publish it, I gave up, and the