Early surgical treatment of gastrinoma.

  title={Early surgical treatment of gastrinoma.},
  author={Edwin Christopher Ellison and Larry C. Carey and Jacqueline Sparks and Thomas M O'dorisio and Hagop S. Mekhjian and John J Fromkes and James H. Caldwell and F. Brent Thomas},
  journal={The American journal of medicine},
  volume={82 5B},
Medical treatment of the Zollinger-Ellison syndrome has been generally accepted because of the proven efficacy of the histamine (H2)-receptor antagonists in achieving symptomatic relief, and because of early reports indicating that few, if any, gastrinomas were resectable for cure. Gastrin radioimmunoassay (RIA) has made earlier and more certain diagnosis possible, and therefore reevaluation of the surgical management of gastrinomas is necessary. Experience with 60 gastrinoma patients is… CONTINUE READING