Early spring phytoplankton dynamics in the western Antarctic Peninsula

  title={Early spring phytoplankton dynamics in the western Antarctic Peninsula},
  author={Kevin R. Arrigo and Gert L van Dijken and A C Alderkamp and Zachary K. Erickson and Kate and Marlon Lewis and Kate E. Lowry and Hannah L. Joy-Warren and Rob Middag and Janice E. Nash-Arrigo and Virginia Selz and Willem H. van de Poll},
The Palmer Long-Term Ecological Research program has sampled waters of the western Antarctic Peninsula (wAP) annually each summer since 1990. However, information about the wAP prior to the peak of the phytoplankton bloom in January is sparse. Here we present results from a spring process cruise that sampled the wAP in the early stages of phytoplankton bloom development in 2014. Sea ice concentrations were high on the shelf relative to non-shelf waters, especially toward the south… CONTINUE READING