Early outcomes of endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery for adult craniopharyngiomas.

  title={Early outcomes of endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery for adult craniopharyngiomas.},
  author={John Anthony Jane and Erin N. Kiehna and Spencer C. Payne and Stephen Early and Edward R. Laws},
  journal={Neurosurgical focus},
  volume={28 4},
OBJECT Although the transsphenoidal approach for subdiaphragmatic craniopharyngiomas has been performed for many years, there are few reports describing the role of the endoscopic transsphenoidal technique for suprasellar craniopharyngiomas. The purpose of this study was to report the outcomes of the endoscopic transsphenoidal approach for adults with craniopharyngiomas in whom the goal was gross-total resection. METHODS Twelve patients were identified who were older than 18 years at the time… CONTINUE READING
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