Early mesencephalon/metencephalon patterning and development of the cerebellum.

  title={Early mesencephalon/metencephalon patterning and development of the cerebellum.},
  author={Marion Wassef and Alexandra L. Joyner},
  journal={Perspectives on developmental neurobiology},
  volume={5 1},
Experimental studies in chick and analysis of mouse mutants have provided a framework for studying the early developmental processes involved in specifying the cerebellar anlage. Fate mapping studies in chick have shown that at early stages the cerebellum derives from cells in the mesencephalon and metencephalon (mes-met). Transplantation studies in chick have implicated the mes-met junction (isthmus) as a source of secreted factors that organize development of the entire mes-met, perhaps by… CONTINUE READING

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