Early-life origin of intestinal inflammatory disorders.

  title={Early-life origin of intestinal inflammatory disorders.},
  author={Delphine Ley and Jean-Luc Desseyn and Mona Mischke and Jan Knol and Dominique Turck and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Gottrand},
  journal={Nutrition reviews},
  volume={75 3},
A growing body of evidence supports the concept of perinatal programming through which the perinatal environment affects the development of the fetus and infant, thereby modifying the risk profile for disease later in life. Increasing attention is focusing on the role of the early environment in the development of chronic intestinal disorders. Epidemiological studies have highlighted the link between perinatal factors, such as breastfeeding, cesarean delivery, and antibiotic use, and an… CONTINUE READING