[Early history of pediatrics in Mecklenburg. 3: Health resorts for children].


The groundwork for spa facilities intended for the treatment of children was performed by Dr. Carl von Mettenheimer in Schwerin with the foundation of a "Verein für die Errichtung von Kinderheilstätten an deutschen Seeküsten" ("Association for the Establishment of Pediatric Sanatoria on German Coasts"). The contribution describes the construction and development of the first sanatorium for children at Mürtiz on the Baltic coast. Attention is also drawn to the establishment, development and importance of the children's sanatorium "Bethesda" at Sülze. The importance of the role played by the hygiene specialist Prof. Uffelmann (Rostock) and the pediatricians Dr. Carl von Mettenheimer (Schwerin) and Prof. Herrmann Brüning (Rostock) in the development of child care and pediatrics even beyond the borders of Mecklenburg cannot be overestimated.

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