Early growth and abdominal fatness in adult life.

  title={Early growth and abdominal fatness in adult life.},
  author={Catherine M Law and David J. P. Barker and Clive Osmond and Caroline H. D. Fall and Shirley J Simmonds},
  journal={Journal of epidemiology and community health},
  volume={46 3},
STUDY OBJECTIVE The aim was to determine whether abdominal fatness in adult men is associated with retarded growth in fetal life and infancy. DESIGN This was a follow up study of (1) men born during 1920-30 whose birthweights and weights at one year were recorded at the time by health visitors; and (2) men born during 1935-43 whose size at birth was measured in detail. The main outcome measure was the ratio of waist circumference to hip girth. SETTING Hertfordshire and Preston, England… CONTINUE READING


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