Early fetal development of the human cerebellum

  title={Early fetal development of the human cerebellum},
  author={K. H. Cho and J. Rodr{\'i}guez-V{\'a}zquez and J. Kim and H. Abe and G. Murakami and B. Cho},
  journal={Surgical and Radiologic Anatomy},
Early cerebellum development in humans is poorly understood. The present study histologically examined sections from 20 human embryos and fetuses at 6 weeks (12–16 mm crown-rump length (CRL); 4 specimens), 7–9 weeks (21–39 mm CRL; 8 specimens), 11–12 weeks (70–90 mm CRL; 4 specimens) and 15–16 weeks (110–130 mm CRL; 4 specimens). During 7–9 weeks (approximate CRL 28 mm), the rhombic lip (a pair of thickenings of the alar plate) protruded dorsally, bent laterally, extended ventrolaterally and… Expand
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