Early evolution of the venom system in lizards and snakes

  title={Early evolution of the venom system in lizards and snakes},
  author={B. Fry and N. Vidal and J. Norman and F. Vonk and H. Scheib and S. Ramjan and S. Kuruppu and Kim Fung and S. Hedges and M. Richardson and Wayne. C. Hodgson and V. Ignjatovic and R. Summerhayes and E. Kochva},
  • B. Fry, N. Vidal, +11 authors E. Kochva
  • Published 2006
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Nature
  • Among extant reptiles only two lineages are known to have evolved venom delivery systems, the advanced snakes and helodermatid lizards (Gila Monster and Beaded Lizard). Evolution of the venom system is thought to underlie the impressive radiation of the advanced snakes (2,500 of 3,000 snake species). In contrast, the lizard venom system is thought to be restricted to just two species and to have evolved independently from the snake venom system. Here we report the presence of venom toxins in… CONTINUE READING
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