Early events of Semliki Forest virus-induced cell-cell fusion.

  title={Early events of Semliki Forest virus-induced cell-cell fusion.},
  author={M. Lanzrein and N K{\"a}sermann and Robert Weingart and Christoph Kempf},
  volume={196 2},
Insect cells (Aedes albopictus) were infected with Semliki Forest Virus. Cell-cell fusion was then induced by lowering the extracellular pH. The underlying processes were examined by monitoring the intercellular current flow, Ij. Experimentally, this involved the use of cell pairs in conjunction with a dual voltage-clamp method. This approach allowed us to monitor the kinetics of fusion at high temporal resolution. The fusion process began shortly after acidification (delay: 3-138 sec… CONTINUE READING

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