Early efferent innervation of the zebrafish lateral line.

  title={Early efferent innervation of the zebrafish lateral line.},
  author={O Bricaud and Vicky Chaar and Christine Dambly-Chaudi{\`e}re and Alain Ghysen},
  journal={The Journal of comparative neurology},
  volume={434 3},
We examined the efferent innervation of the lateral line in zebrafish larvae. Three efferent nuclei were previously reported for the posterior line, two in the hindbrain and one in the ventral hypothalamus. Here we show that the same three nuclei innervate the anterior line as well. The rhombencephalic neurons innervate either the anterior or the posterior line. The diencephalic neurons seem to innervate both lines as well as the ear. The diencephalic efferents are labeled by anti-tyrosine… CONTINUE READING