Early changes in airway smooth muscle hyperresponsiveness.

  title={Early changes in airway smooth muscle hyperresponsiveness.},
  author={Hui Jiang and K. Chandrabushan Rao and Xilin Liu and Andrew J Halayko and Guoqing Liu and Newman L. Stephens},
  journal={Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology},
  volume={72 11},
To study asthmatic airway smooth muscle we developed a canine model of ragweed pollen sensitized, airway hyperresponsiveness because of the difficulties in obtaining human tissue. Tracheal and bronchial smooth muscles from sensitized dogs were shown to possess greater ability to shorten and higher maximum shortening velocity (Vo), both of which contribute to the excessive narrowing of airways typical of human asthma. However, maximum force production remained normal, demonstrating the… CONTINUE READING

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