Early carboniferous bryozoans from the Kodinka section, Middle Urals

  title={Early carboniferous bryozoans from the Kodinka section, Middle Urals},
  author={Zoya Tolokonnikova},
  journal={Paleontological Journal},
An assemblage of Viséan-Serpukhovian bryozoans from the vicinity of the village of Kodinka (Sverdlovsk Region, Middle Urals) is studied for the first time. This assemblage is represented by two new species, Primorella kodinkensis sp. nov. and Heloclema uralicum sp. nov.; already known species Heloclema magnificum Gor. and Nikiforopora concentrica (Nikif.); and three morphotypes Fistulamina sp., Penniretepora sp., and Polyporella sp. Some specific features in the distribution of bryozoans of the… 
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