Early antiretroviral therapy improves neurodevelopmental outcomes in infants.

  title={Early antiretroviral therapy improves neurodevelopmental outcomes in infants.},
  author={Barbara Laughton and Morna Cornell and Debbie V Grov{\'e} and Martin Kidd and Priscilla Estelle Springer and Els Françoise Marie-Th{\'e}r{\`e}se Dobbels and Anita Janse van Rensburg and Avy Violari and Abdel G. Babiker and Shabir A Madhi and Patrick Jean-Philippe and Diana M Gibb and M F Cotton},
  volume={26 13},
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effect of early versus deferred antiretroviral therapy (ART) on the neurodevelopment of infants from Cape Town participating in the Children with HIV Early Antiretroviral Therapy (CHER) trial. DESIGN HIV-infected infants were randomized to early (<3 months) or deferred ART. HIV-uninfected infants (HIV-exposed and HIV-unexposed) provide background data. METHODS Neurological examination and Griffiths Mental Development Scales (GMDS) were administered between 10-16… CONTINUE READING